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CWT 2023 Temperature/Sampler Blanket CAL

Welcome to our dedicated space for the 2023 Temperature/Sampler CAL Blanket Project! Whether you're joining us to revisit this vibrant project or you're feeling the itch to start a new Temperature/Sampler Blanket project, you'll find everything you need right here to stitch up a blanket that's as unique as your own story. 

About the Project

The Temperature/Sampler Blanket project combines the art of crochet with the unique narrative of your personal experiences or the natural world around you. Each row represents a temperature range or a special stitch, making your blanket a vivid diary of the year's changing seasons or a sampler of intricate crochet techniques.

Start Your Blanket Anytime!

It's never too late to start your Temperature/Sampler Blanket. With our collection of patterns, you can begin your project any day of the year. Let inspiration strike, and choose your start date—whether it's a significant day, the beginning of a season, or right now!

Patterns and Tutorials

Browse through our collection of crochet patterns designed specifically for the  2023 Temperature/Sampler CAL Blanket project. Each pattern is crafted to help you seamlessly incorporate various stitches and temperature ranges into your blanket. For guidance and step-by-step instructions, as well as a guide for getting started with this project, visit our YouTube 2023 Temp/Sampler Blanket Playlist where you'll find all the video tutorials you need to get started and continue through to completion.

Start your Temperature/Sampler Blanket today and create something truly unique and meaningful!

2023 Temp/Sampler CAL Blanket Stitch Patterns:

January 2023: Crunch Stitch


February 2023: Bead Stitch


March 2023: 3 DC Shell Stitch


April 2023: Linen Stitch


May 2023: Basketweave Stitch

June 2023: Trinity Stitch


July 2023: Honeycomb Stitch


August 2023: Basket Stitch


September 2023: Puff Stitch


October 2023: Textured Stitch


November 2023: Undulating Waves Stitch


December 2023: SC Cross Stitch

2023 Temperature/Sampler Blanket Border: Hdc Border

2023 Temperature/Sampler Blanket COVER Border Pattern

2023 Temperature/Sampler Blanket by Month

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