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Craft your way to a more versatile lifestyle with our Granny Square Strap pattern! This adaptable design lets you create a customizable strap that's perfect for totes, purses, cameras, guitars, and more. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to create a one-of-a-kind accessory that you can switch between different items. Elevate your everyday gear with a touch of handmade charm!


Watch the Step-by-Step Tutorial:



Each Square = 2.25 in wide 

2.25 in long 

Strap = 2.25 in wide 

43 in long





Size: 2 weight/ Sport/ Fine 

WPI = 17 


Willow Yarns Gaia 

Colors: Moroccan, Hazel, Merlot 

Cobalt, Goldie 


Color 1 = Appr. 1 yd 19 in 

Color 2 = Appr. 2 yds 12 in 

Color 3 = Appr. 3 yds 9 in 

Joins = 14 in per 2 squares 


Other Notions:

Crochet Hook E/4 - 3.50mm 

2 x Brass 2 inch snap hooks 

yarn needle 

measuring tape 



Stitch Abbreviations:

ch / Chain 

sp/ Space 

sc/ Single Crochet 

sk/ Skip a stitch 

sl st/ Slip Stitch 

Rnd/ Round like row but not 

back and forth 

Granny Square Tote Strap

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