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I'm thrilled to introduce you to a very special year-long project starting in January 2023 - my first ever Crochet Along! Together, we'll embark on a journey of crafting a Temperature/Sampler Blanket.

You may have come across temperature blankets in recent years, and let me tell you, they are truly remarkable. As someone who values the power of creating memories through crochet, I believe a temperature blanket is the perfect project for our 2023 Crochet Along, where we can come together as a community. But wait, in addition to it being a Temperature Blanket, I've decided to spice things up by incorporating a Sampler Blanket. Each month, we'll explore a unique stitch, adding variety and excitement to the project.

Mark your calendars! On the last Tuesday of every month, I'll be sharing a "Crochet Stitch of the Month" pattern and a helpful video tutorial. These resources will guide you through mastering the stitch, preparing you for the following month's challenge. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand your crochet skills and learn something new.

But here's the best part: I want this to be an interactive experience where we can all participate and connect. That's why I've created a couple different ways for you to get involved:

FREE Crochet Along:

I will have the FREE Stitch Pattern with monthly calendar to keep track of your temps available here on my website throughout the year, posting the following month's pattern/calendar on the last Tuesday of each month. The Stitch Tutorial Video will be available the same day on my YouTube Channel @crochetwithtiffany for you to learn the stitch, if it is new to you, and for you to share your experience comments/questions with our YouTube Community.

Interactive Crochet Along with our Crochet Club Membership: 

Experience the ultimate interactive crochet journey by joining our exclusive Crochet Club Community! Take advantage of our exciting offer of a free 10-Day trial and see what awaits you. There's absolutely nothing to lose, so why not come and explore all that we have to offer? Join us today and discover a world of crochet possibilities!

  • Monthly Stitch Tutorial Videos: Enjoy step-by-step tutorial videos for each month's stitch. These videos are commercial-free and offer on-demand viewing options, so you can pause and resume at your convenience.

  • LIVE Crochet Alongs: Join us weekly for exciting live chats! These interactive gatherings give us the opportunity to work on the project together, participate in Q&A sessions, and share our progress. It's a chance to connect as a group and have fun while crocheting.

  • Interactive Community Site: We've created a private and secure community site just for us. Access project notes, important documents, and updates. But that's not all! It's also a social hub where you can meet fellow crochet enthusiasts. Share comments, pictures & videos, tips, tricks, and answer each other's questions. This platform will foster an enriching crochet community, providing a space for encouragement, support, and interaction throughout the year-long project.

Project Notes:

  • To figure out temperatures for past dates you missed you can use the website

  • Yarn Colors can be divided out based on whatever temperature increment you decide. For me, I divided out my yarn for every 10 degree increments after 20 degrees.

  • Choose whatever yarn excites you!!! Use colors that you will enjoy working with throughout the journey.  OR, use yarn from your yarn stash that you want to use up.

  • Make sure to create a yarn gauge identifying which colors you will use per temp section. There are some great ones on Etsy if you would like to purchase one instead of making one yourself!


Need More Details?

 Watch the Temperature/Sampler Blanket Launch Video for Yarn Suggestions, Gauge Recommendations and MORE!


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