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The Boho Basket

The Boho Basket project arose out of my desire to make a beautiful home decor item. I wanted something that looked grounded, handmade, but also professional. Taking inspiration from a wicker basket I saw, I experimented with multiple stitches until I found this Post Stitch design. It was exactly what I wanted. With the desire to make it different from other baskets, I designed the handle doubled over all the way around the top of the basket, giving it an organic, boho vibe.


With highly textured crochet stitches and a bold brim, this large basket is designed to be not only a beautiful statement piece, but also strong & functional enough to hold a variety of items around the home.


Choose one or more of the many color options - Each has a look and feel of its own.

The kit includes everything you need to make this project.

Follow along with the step-by-step video tutorial HERE.


Yarn Details: 

Brand: Impeccable by Loops & Threads

Size: 4 weight / Medium

285 yards, 4.5 oz / 127.5 g

100% Acrylic

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